Application Requirements

General Requirements for all Dean's Fund Applications (Research and Student Life)

  • Students may apply for the Dean's Fund at any time they are enrolled as a student and plan to be enrolled the following quarter; 
  • Students may receive funding only once during their College career.
  • Funding requests made to the Dean's Fund are one-time requests and cannot be renewed.
  • Requests generally range from $750 - $1500.
  • Requests cannot have already received funding from another University entity for the same project need. For large or complex projects, specific portions not funded by other entities may be eligible for funding from the Dean's Fund. Example: You will be presenting at an academic conference, your department is covering your conference fees, but you need funding for travel.
  • Applications must comply to the respective deadline and submission processes established for each type of award detailed on each application's instructions page.
  • Awards will be paid out as a stipend. The awardee will be responsible for reporting the stipend amount as income when filing tax returns (Form 1040). To receive the stipend, please see Anthony Belarmino or Katherine Karvunis in Harper Memorial Library 241. Students may be asked to provide a passport and DS2019 or I-20 (if not a US citizen) or a permanent resident card.*
  • Students who receive funding are required to submit a closing report. Due dates for closing reports will be communicated at the time funding is granted.
To apply, click on the relevant link below: 
Dean's Fund for Student Life: Continue to application guidelines and submission form ›
Dean's Fund for Undergraduate Research: Continue to application guidelines and submission form ›