Application Guidelines and Examples

Funding requests made to the Dean's Fund are one-time requests and cannot be renewed. Students may only receive funding from the Dean's Fund once during their academic career.

Proposal Guidelines

  • Proposal narratives should be no longer than two pages (exclusive of line item budget) and must be submitted electronically
  • Projects should be specific in nature and generally tend to be more successful when requests are not a part of a larger program or project
  • Narrative should include the benefit of this project/program/conference attendance on your academic, professional, or social experience in the College

Budget Guidelines

  • Requests are generally $750 - $1500
  • The Dean's Fund will not retroactively fund projects/programs/travel
  • Budget information must include full cost of project and list any additional funding acquired
  • Total budget request figure should be included in the narrative, but line item budgets should be submitted at the end of the written narrative
  • Budgets should not include a wage for work, but may include expenses expected to incur in completing that work, i.e. lodging, meals, transportation, etc.


Wellington Underground Film Festival

UC Bike Builders

Mock Trial "Great Chicago Fire" Invitational

Final Report: Dirt Red Brass Band Trip to New Orleans

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